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[What We Tell You] BT Basic is a simple, low-cost [tele]phone service that is easy to understand and helps you keep in touch if you are on specific low income Government benefits.

[What We Do Not Tell You] BT Basic is only available if you have BT Line Services ...and BT Line Services will firstly cost you £70 (plus VAT) to change your line over to a BT Line (even if you already have a working line) and then £11.99 (plus VAT) for the first month's standard line rental before you can even apply for BT Basic, which may as well translate to an upfront cost of £81.99 plus £16.38 VAT, or £98.37 in total (£11.99 plus £2.40, or £14.39 in total should you already have a BT line).

[What We Also Do Not Tell You] most of our call-handlers (many of whom appear to be based in overseas call-centres) do not check to see if you already have BT Line Services when you call them, or assume that you already do, and will cheerfully proceed to give you a start date for your BT Basic service (which depends on BT sending you a form for you to sign and return, the automatic process for which automatically fails because the required Line Services are not in place), further to which it is usually necessary to contact BT several times with the added benefit of being stuck in a queue for up to 30 minutes before you finally get to talk someone who knows about the Line Services requirement.

Well done, BT! - There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of kicking those who most need help and financial support in the nuts, so to speak, is there?

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